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About Us


The core aim of Transition To Excel is to elevate disenfranchised communities through Basketball.


We provide a mixture of affordable programmes including camps, 1-1 training, group sessions, clinics and school sessions. These sessions allow young people from all backgrounds to access professional coaching whatever their experience.


We want to empower young people regardless of their personal aspirations. Whether they have goals of playing at a professional level or whether it is a hobby. Our belief is that participating in physical exercise has benefits far beyond sport. 


Our Story

There is a wide breadth of skills and experience across the team; from playing basketball at a high level in the UK and other European countries. In addition, we host a team of experienced individuals who have knowledge of working with young people, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds and with complex needs.


Over the years we have witnessed the erosion of services aimed at developing and supporting our communities. We understand first-hand the pivotal role these services have on shaping young people into well-rounded adults. We've seen the catastrophic impacts of losing these opportunities and the mentors that play such a key role in their lives. Collectively, we recognised the need for accessible and affordable outlets for young people, specifically organised basketball sessions.


As a result, we launched under the name Transition Basketball in 2016, providing summer camps, tournaments and 1-1 sessions across West London. These helped to bridge the gap between the skills we hold and the community in need of accessing them. Since launching, the demand for these opportunities has execrated and in 2023 we rebranded as Transition To Excel.


We believe that young people regardless of their race, gender or class, should have equal opportunities to do things they love and have a safe place to grow. We are committed and driven by the goal of delivering that through basketball.

Safeguarding policy

Our Partners & Sponsors

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